Reading list: #Chapter212, #RUReferencelist & #RhodesWar

– A (developing) list of news articles, commentaries, videos, interviews, testimonies etc about the 2016 anti-rape protests at Rhodes University (uckar/uskar).

TW: sexual violence/rape culture

* recommended


* Where leaders learn what, exactly? – Grace Moyo, 2015
– Gorata Chengeta, 2015

#Chapter 2.12

Chapter 2.12 Rhodes Facebook Page
Chapter 2.12: the campaign against rape culture – Mishka Wazar, Activate, April 2016
#Chapter212 on Twitter

#RUReferenceList & #RhodesWar

RUReferenceList Movement Facebook Page
#RUReferenceList on Twitter
Why I support the Rhodes rape list – Simamkele Dlakavu, City Press, April 2016
#RUReferenceList Edition– Oppidan Press student newspaper, May 2016
[Photo Gallery] – Oppidan Press, April 2016
General coverage – Oppidan Press, 2016 – present
#RUReferenceList: A violent response to a violent act – Pontsho Pilane, Mail and Guardian, April 2016
*  ‘Campus rape plans favour perpetrators’ – Pontsho Pilane, Mail and Guardian, April 2016
Rhodes has a rape problem: Why? – Daily Vox team, April 2016
#NakedProtest – IOL, April 2016
Violence, nakedness and the discourse of #RUReferenceList – Chelsea Haith, The Journalist, April 2016
5 arrested in Rhodes University anti-rape protest – News24, April 2016
Footage from #RUReferenceList Protests (Youtube Playlist) – Activate, April 2016
*  Disrupt – Activate & #Chapter212, May 2016
A response to Charlene Smith’s #RUReferenceList Facebook post – Fiona Snyckers, M&G ThoughtLeader, April 2016
Desperate times, desperate measures – Marianne Thamm, Daily Maverick, April 2016
#RUReferenceList Protests: A Word From The Therapist’s Office – Thandi Bombi, May 2016
The voices of the #RUReferenceList demonstrations – Adriana Georgiades, April 2016
 ‘We will not be Silenced’: Rape Culture, #RUReferencelist, and the University Currently Known as Rhodes – Deborah Seddon, Daily Maverick, June 2016
#FeesMustFall: The Threat of the Penis and the Gun in South Africa’s Revolutionary Spaces – Kagure Mugo, Okayafrica, June 2016
Disruption of Gender Based Violence Discussion – Chloe Osmond, Activate, August 2016
Ndakunik’ Amabele: African Women. Un/dressed – Wairimu Muriithi, Concerning Nuditude (pg 96 – 120), 2016
Challenging the culture of rape at Rhodes – Gorata Chengeta, Mail & Guardian, April 2017
#RhodesWar on Twitter
* Everything You Need to About the #RhodesWar Round Table – Busang Senne, Cosmopolitan, December 2017
[Video Playlist] #RhodesWar Press conference w/ Yolanda Dyantyi & SERI – December 2017
Rhodes War: Concerned Academics Speak Out –  Huffington post, December 2017
Rhodes Alumni: Expulsion Of Student Activists ‘Draconian’ – Huffington post, December 2017
Dangerous narratives: How Rhodes’ response to rape culture harms sexual assault victims – Zodwa Jane, HOLAA, December 2017
* #RhodesWar: Makunyiwe Macala (A redacted archive)- Redacted, The New Inquiry, February 2018
#RhodesWar: Women need to reclaim their bodies (Interview w/Yolanda Dyanty) – 
*  Historic Record Shows Universities Like Rhodes Failed Female Students – Sarita Ranchod, Huffington post, April 2018
#RUReferenceList And The Fight Against Rape Culture Still Wages On – Siya Nyulu, Daily Vox, April 2018
Graduating from varsity after #FeesMustFall is a bittersweet experience – Aphiwe Ngalo, Daily Maverick, April 2018
* [Essay] Why has Rhodes University silenced student activism? – Mako Muzenda, June 2018
[Interview w/ PowerFM]Why Has Rhodes University silenced Student Activism – Mako Muzenda , June 2018
#RUReferenceList: The fear of repercussions still lingers – Gorata Chengeta, Mail & Guardian, July 2018
 South African women use social media to fight against violence – Al Jazeera, August 2018
Rhodes rages after suicide – Sarah Smit, Mail & Guardian, August 2018
Rape on Campus leads to a tragic death – 702 interview with Nomandla & Rhodes Communications Officer
Rhodes must stop treating rapists like victims   – Philip Machanick, Mail & Guardian, 13 August 2018
* It starts with ‘games’ and ends as rape at Rhodes –  PAugust 2018
We need a multi-pronged approach in order to shift rape culture’  – Corinne Knowles, Rhodes University staff member, 
‘My future career has been taken away’ – anti-rape activist expelled from Rhodes 
Open Letter to the Minister of Higher Education and Training – Silungisa iAcademy, March 2019


#iamoneinthree: A call to stand with #RUReferenceList against rape culture – Wits FMF Feminists Solidarity Statement, April 2016
#Iamoneinthree Protest


UCT Survivors 
#UCTSpeaksBack on Twitter
Featured image: OkayAfrica

If you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed it. – Zora Neale Hurston


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